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Wholebrain Learning Techniques are used to solve problems with spelling, reading, tables, counting, confidence and concentration, especially for dyslexics and those who find organising and remembering information difficult! Our RBD Test or right brain modality assessment test helps determine right brain dominance in children. The Edinburgh Techniques, using the latest scientific and educational methods were a direct response to years of researching these difficulties.

Wholebrain Learning uses both sides of the brain to achieve astonishing breakthroughs that were previously thought impossible.

These revolutionary techniques, as highlighted on TV, have hundreds of satisfied parents and pupils. Can your pupils:

  • Spell words forwards and backwards in minutes
  • Learn a table in 20 minutes
  • Read better than the class average in 6 to 10 weeks

They will be able to soon using our techniques. Try our diagnostic RBD Test now and let the Edinburgh Techniques provide the solutions to most of the problems caused by right brain dominance in a left brain school system.

The Edinburgh Techniques have photocopy-able worksheets. Download them today. The RBD Test can be taken now.

Old firm stars, the late Tommy Burns of Celtic and Rangers' Steven Naismith, deliver anti-bullying speech to packed school assemblies.

This story can be customised by the reader to include their own name, their family and friends, their school, their home area etc

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Developed by Harley Street Stress Management Consultant

This 20 minute Technique is a very powerful relaxation tool, based on Erickson's Sound of Calm. By repeating the word CALM throughout the process, the conscious mind is tricked into going down one road, thus releasing its hold on tense muscles, while the more powerful subconscious listens to the positive suggestions without interference.

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