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with Tommy Burns delivering a strong anti bullying speech to a packed school assembly while Sandy Jardine delivers the same speech in the Rangers' version.

Celtic and Rangers versions contain Scots Dialect with English only version for fans of Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool etc. Learn how to customise the story for YOU and your team.

Tommy: Celtic legend, beacon of fair play and honesty on and off the park.


MAKE THIS YOUR STORY by getting YOUR NAME in the Title. e.g. Mike 'n Tommy, Jack 'n Tommy. In short: YOU become Danny.

Learn how to CHANGE the characters to those of your friends and family, your school, your city, your area and change the dialect to your own whether you live in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brechin, Manchester or London.

You can even change the hero to: Jock Stein, Kenny Dalglish or Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Law or George Best, Ally McCoist or Jim Baxter, Charlton or Rooney. Anyone, living or dead, playing or retired it's up to YOU!

In the story Tommy delivers an anti bullying message to a packed school assembly...... YOUR SCHOOL ASSEMBLY. The message is aimed at all of us, not just Old Firm fans though naturally Rangers play a part in this story too.

Rangers fans have their own version, Rob 'n Sandy,
which also carries Tommy's dedication.

Walter Smith and Ally McCoist actually helped carry Tommy's coffin as a mark of their respect and friendship for him. Walter and Ally are also honourable men we can all take lessons from.

LEARN HOW TO CUSTOMISE the story which allows YOU to change it to Dundee Utd, Hibs, Aberdeen, Hearts, Man U, Chelsea. It's simple.

Much of the dialogue is Fife based. This can be adapted to the way you speak.

ILLUSTRATE THE STORY: Have fun making a Title Page and inserting Photographs of the story's Hero. Find out how at the end. Could even be a school project.

DONATION: 30p from each book downloaded will go to the Sick Kids Unit at Yorkhill in Glasgow.


You can Download it from this site NOW: 2.45 pounds

Click here to find Celtic, Rangers and Written English versions The Story's Message:

Even the biggest teams NEED strong rivals and that players and managers of rival giants like Celtic and Rangers RESPECT one another. We should learn from them and respect each other and each other's beliefs.

Bullies are generally unhappy people, they need help. Tommy's speech spells it out.

The Tommy Burns Story is set in 1983 while Sandy Jardine is set in the 1970's:

Celtic FC is raising money for the Sick Kids Unit at Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow.

Tommy will personally collect the cheque from a few lucky Primary Schools throughout Scotland.

What's more the student who raises the most money in each of these lucky schools gets to present the cheque to Tommy on stage, in front of the whole school.

Danny MacKay is Celtic daft and is determined to present that cheque, but so too is wee Colin Ross.....but hang on.....Colin is a RANGERS supporter!!!

Colin is new to the school, very poor, not very good at his school work and has been getting a lot of bullying from some of the older boys in school.

Danny is one of the few boys to give Colin a break which he greatly appreciates. Later it becomes fairly obvious that Colin is failing miserably in raising money for the appeal which brings on even more bullying....... UNTIL.......Colin finds a bag of money lying on the football field......

Meanwhile some boys have been suspended for stealing money they have raised and suddenly Danny comes under suspicion too because he can't 'find' his money.

Due to a misunderstanding he thinks he is banned from even seeing his hero and on the day of Tommy's visit he wanders off towards another part of town.....Turns out it will now be Colin who presents the cheque to Tommy......and he's not as happy about that as we might think......

So we have one very excited school waiting for Tommy Burns, one very guilty boy waiting to present the cheque and one very sad and miserable boy walking the streets thinking he won't even get to see his hero.....

Meanwhile the bold hero, Tommy Burns, is tearing his hair out trying to follow the map..... he's lost.... and he's heading in Danny's direction....

But hey, if I tell you any more of the story I'll spoil it for it you. Find out what happens by downloading the story.

So come on mum/dad, get on line and buy the story, it's only 2.45 pounds

WG Forbes 2014

Congratulations to Inverness Caley and Ross County for Flying the Flag for the Highlands in the Premier. Hope to see you there for decades to come.