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You can now Download the same techniques that UK schools have been receiving in their Edinburgh Studies Packs since 1997. PLUS 200 FREE worksheets and notes for students and parent/teachers.

SPELLING : The IES has 7 year old dyslexics spelling PSYCHIATRIST forwards and backwards in the first 40 minute session. A reasonable 10 year old will then take the tool and spell ENCYCLOPEDIA on his own in the same session. Tables take 20 minutes.

READING : The Repeat Reading Technique will have your child reading better than the class average within 10 weeks.

MENTAL ARITHMETIC : Can you add 4786 + 8677 in your head? You will by the end of the Circular Arithmetic course.

LEARNING THE TIME : The Edinburgh Teaching Clock is the fastest in the world. Your child will learn the basics in under 15 minutes, completely in 3 or 4 days.

EXAM NERVES : The Magic Garden for the under 12s and the Study Relaxer for 12 to university level will provide students with a calm, alert mind, for study and exams. (The Garden also stops bedwetting, nightmares and sleep walking.) None of this takes years, months or even weeks. The Garden and Relaxer are in Audio form, but the Garden is now also available in 7 languages in written form.

The Techniques were developed almost 20 years ago for the rich and famous. They are used by students at some of the most prestigious schools in the world. See our TESTIMONIALS page for recent Testimonials and older Press Cuttings .

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