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Repeat Reading is as easy for beginners and those with learning difficulties as it is for ordinary students who want to improve their reading.

It's PRESSURE FREE which relaxes the student allowing him to listen and repeat correctly the sounds of the word and the all important, SENTENCE FLOW. As his brain hears the reader, it makes an internal match of the sounds with the symbols (written words). A pattern emerges in the students head and when the words reappear next time the brain produces the correct sound and that all important sentence flow. The process operates at a subconscious level and is called Ontogenesis.

Repeat Reading is based on how we learn to SPEAK. Deaf people can't speak properly, not because of damaged vocal chords, but because they can't hear themselves and therefore can't moderate their tone of voice.

The technique has been adapted by many Foreign Language teachers, especially in England , to help students with pronunciation and sentence flow.


Early speech is picked up subconsciously. Repeat Reading works in the same way. The process is called Ontogenesis.