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Quotes have had to be truncated to fit, but the full text can be read by emailing: robin@edinburghtechniques.co.uk and putting FULL TEXT REQUEST in the heading. Look out for more excerpts from newspaper/magazine articles and parents letters.

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Mr Graham Lonie English Programme Head April 2005

In 2003 many of my staff were experiencing difficulties teaching their Thai students how to tell the time correctly. After trying various resources I heard about the Edinburgh Teaching Clocks and ordered 4 for the school. My teachers immediately found them easy to use and very effective in assisting their students understanding. Due to their popularity with teachers and students I have since bought another 17 clocks for our primary department to enable the teachers to facilitate more child centred activities. I thoroughly recommend the Teaching Clocks.

Lynfa Buxton Head Teacher at Read Kuwait Feb 2005

Dear Brian,

Just to tell you how delighted I am with the results of using Internal Eyescan for spelling. The Edinburgh Teaching Clock has gone down well with Year 3 teachers too! ........

Gratefully yours,
Lynfa Buxton

TEACHER: Peter Fenwick London Tutors March 2005
Tutoring in London with such a wide ethnic mix can be difficult. I am always on the lookout for simple techniques to help make my job easier and make me more effective. Which is why I was delighted to come across the Edinburgh Techniques which I have been using for some years now. They are simple and fast. I particularly like the Eyescan, the Teaching Clock and the Magic Garden.

TEACHER: Anne from Surrey June 1995
LAST Saturday I, along with 2 colleagues attended your lecture at the Hornsby Centre….subsequently we tried out the spelling method you demonstrated, the Internal Eyescan …with great success…..each of our pupils has walked out of the centre looking ‘visibly taller'……the Edinburgh Techniques have been a psychological boost for both staff and pupils alike. One pupil said: ‘'I now leave lessons feeling happy instead my usual acute depression.”….

Many thanks for your lecture on the Edinburgh Techniques….

PRESS: Taken from Gulf article Arab Times Feb 27 th 2004
Using some very simple, but very effective learning methods, the Edinburgh Techniques can accomplish results with children that others, working for years, have only dreamed about.

The way it works is so elementary that it is amazing, but the effects are incredible.
The child's entire personality begins to change for the better and the way they look even changes. It's like watching a caterpillar emerge from a cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly.

PRESS: Taken from UK article Yorkshire Post July 1991
At 13, Gareth, from North Yorkshire , still had difficulty spelling his surname. He had been receiving help from the county's Special Education Advisory and Support Service, but progress had been painfully slow. After 1 hour of the Edinburgh Techniques he emerged spelling Psychiatrist and Encyclopedia forwards and backwards.

PRESS: Taken from UK article Observer July 16 th 1989
Having just witnessed two brothers, Adam and William ( 9 and 10 years old) spell Psychiatrist and Encyclopedia forwards AND backwards and learn the 12 times table up to 12 x 19, taking about 45 minutes each, the journalist wrote this, regarding the success of the Edinburgh Techniques:

….the results speak for themselves. Indeed Adam and William's achievements cannot be denied…….there is also a file of letters from grateful parents…….the Centre is now dealing with recommendations from head teachers and regional psychologists……

PRESS: Taken from UK article Scotsman May 10 th 1988
The Edinburgh Practice….is backing its claims (of success) with astonishing results. It has built up an impressive dossier of enthusiastic recommendations……The first thing parents report is the dramatic rise in their children's self – confidence….one boy was earmarked for remedial classes…since working with the Edinburgh Techniques the boy's father now says: “ Mark's progress has been almost unbelievable in only 3 months.” The boy has since passed the entrance exam to Fettes in Edinburgh (one of the UK 's top schools…current UK PM, Tony Blair's old school.).

Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre March 1991
Report on the Edinburgh Teaching Clock

…the clock was trialled in two primary schools. One for learning difficulties the other a ‘normal' school. Excellent results were obtained at both schools. ALL pupils involved became competent at telling the time. We were very impressed.

PARENT: CAROL SIMON Guatemala Jan 2005
...started telling the Magic Garden to my 12 year old, so anxious about world problems and security problems, and he's doing great, he's now able to sleep without nightmares and without waking up several times, to drink water, to the bathroom, etc, that makes a good night's sleep! so he's more relaxed and not tired!


PARENT: Mr P M West Harrow London July 1997
Using the Edinburgh Centre's Internal Eyescan I am pleased to say that I have learned the entire 46 elements of the Periodic Table in alphabetical order and I can say them forwards and backwards. I am very impressed with this powerful technique.

PARENT: Mrs. M S Pimlico London March 31 st 1994
As soon as we started the Edinburgh Techniques we could see a sudden change in M. He was much more confident and seemed to enjoy life much more than before. He now has the tools to achieve what he wants….Teachers in school are surprised at his improvements. He achieved 3 awards this month where before he only had 1 in the last 6 months….when he said ‘' Thanks for saving my life'' at the end of the last session….he wasn't kidding. Thank you so much.

PARENT: Mrs. H S Surrey April 1991
…the first session of the Edinburgh Techniques went a long way to R's school – battered self esteem.
…after 2 weeks of the Magic Garden there was a noticeable difference in R's confidence and behaviour. Instead of being dragged to school crying and screaming (and that's no exaggeration) he now says, “Come on mum, time to go to school”.

His teacher cannot get over the difference…..
….tension that always seemed to be with him has just disappeared……
…R can now tell the time and we had been trying for two years.
….it has relieved the stress in our child and for that we will be eternally grateful.

PARENT: Mrs. W Southampton Feb 1991
Before your techniques J cried every morning before going to school…he had nightmares and used to sleep walk. The school often assured us ‘'he would grow out of it.'' J had reading and spelling difficulties and was convinced he was stupid. His confidence had gone. I felt I was on quicksand, however hard I reached out to him he kept slipping through my fingers.

Following his first session with the Edinburgh Techniques J came home beaming. And his pleasure increased with every visit. J's confidence was immediately turned round.

He no longer suffers from nightmares and is able to enjoy life 7 days a week, not just at weekends. His reading and spellings have improved dramatically. Your techniques showed J out of the fog and we are very grateful. Many thanks.

PARENT: Mrs. C S West Lothian August 1988
…the Edinburgh Techniques taught S more in 5 weeks than he learned in remedial classes in 5 years….

PARENT: Mrs. L F Glasgow April 1989
The school psychologist's report on B in March 1988 – following his course with The Edinburgh Techniques – said his progress in 6 months was ‘'phenomenal'' and asked me what I had been doing with him.

As far as confidence is concerned B is almost a different boy since the Edinburgh Techniques….But the family has also benefited from Bs improvements. I used to spend tear filled hours helping him with his homework which he was completely unable to do. Now he spends 20 minutes with minimal help from me. Thanks to your techniques life now seems quite normal after years of worry and sleepless nights. I hope your techniques become widely recognised by parents and education authorities alike.

PARENT: Mr and Mrs. C Fife August 1988
The very first thing we noticed, following his Edinburgh sessions, was an undeniable change in his emotional stability. Almost dramatically, he stopped bed wetting.

PARENT: Sue, UK May 2006 sumners@blueyonder.co.uk
I have to say that her sleep patterns have improved. The Magic Garden broke
the difficult "not being able to get to sleep" pattern that Laura had
developed.  If this is of any help please feel free to quote me.

I am keeping the Garden in reserve in case we need it next week during the

PARENT: Mr N McK Fife March 1998
The first we saw was an immediate upsurge of confidence……….The Magic Garden cured her of nightmares and sleepwalking……Now we have a happy young girl on our hands, getting happier by the day.