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Exam Nerves and General Anxiety Relaxation is an essential element of the learning process.  
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20 years ago research at the Edinburgh Centre and Worldwide showed quite clearly that to learn, to remember and even to function properly, the human mind must be calm, as well as alert. To augment its revolutionary Accelerated Learning Techniques (selling round UK schools under license since 1997) the Edinburgh Centre adapted and developed two techniques, well established in psychotherapy, for the purposes of learning and remembering.


The Magic Garden
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This is a beautiful Visualisation Technique for the under 12s. A simple story with background music, it takes the young student into a Garden full of talking animals which lead the student to a waterfall in a quite corner of the garden. The water not only washes the student on the outside but also on the insides, gently bathing, cooling, soothing and massaging each and every cell of his nervous system, removing tension and tiredness and replacing it with calm, in high energy form.

The overall effect of the Magic Garden is to help the student absorb and understand new information more quickly and to remember old information too, especially under the stresses of exam conditions. The result is a calm, alert mind and, just as important, raised self confidence and self esteem, both of which are vital to the learning process.

IMPROVED CONCENTRATION occurs automatically as tension and anxiety are replaced by a quiet (and often not so quiet) confidence. The Garden has the added benefit of stopping bedwetting, nightmares and sleep walking within 10 to 14 nights.

Everyone connected with the development of these techniques is fully qualified in the fields of medicine, psychotherapy or both.

The Edinburgh Techniques………..because school is not enough.


Now in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and English. More on the way.